about me

With an eye for style and a passion for design, I've been making a statement in fashion for over a decade. As a skilled fashion designer, I bring garments to life using my talents in sewing, draping, pattern making, and sketching. Staying ahead of trends with my keen fashion sense, I create unique looks that are always stiking the eyes of many. With over 10 years in the industry, I've had the privilege of bringing my creative visions to life through acclaimed collections that combine elegance and edge. As a designer, I believe fashion helps make the world an interesting place by allowing people to express their unique personalities through colors, designs, and styles.my proudest achievements are hearing how my clothes make people feel confident, stylish, and authentically themselves. I'm thrilled to keep creating fashions that help make our diverse world a little more vibrant, one stitch at a time.

A Woman with a Clothes Hanger in her Shirt

Gold & Black

Mini Skirt


A Person in Blue Stockings and Yellow Shoes

Project: Shoot for RJOUR

Magazine: July 2024 Issue

Concept: The return of 2000s fashion

Piece: Gold & Black Mini Skirt

Topless Boy Holding White Round Plate
High Angle Shot of Brown Rock Formation

Black Pencil Skirt w/

Peplum Waist

A Woman Standing while Wearing Pastel Green Clothes

Jade Green Polka

Dot Mini Skirt

Sheer Gold A-line Skirt

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